Online Sexwork- Erotic through distance

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Increasingly, everything is becoming more digital – and sexwork is no exception. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the internet and sex is probably the classic: porn. There are now many porn sites, some of them highly tailored to specific fetishes, but the internet also offers a much wider range of digital erotica. Online sexwork has taken many forms through the Internet.

The Corona pandemic has made online sex work more relevant. Women who usually work as escort ladies finally had to look for a way to continue their work despite contact regulations.

Phone sex – eroticism and closeness at a distance.

In the past, those who wanted to experience eroticism across spatial distances had only the option of phone sex, in addition to passionate letters. Of course, even today, despite new technical possibilities, phone sex can be a sensual experience that makes you forget for a moment that you are not physically together. After all, passionate words, breathed by a sexy voice, can get the blood pumping. And sometimes it can also be exciting to concentrate on just one sense and leave the rest to the imagination.

Zoom dates, erotic video chats and cam sex – auditory and visual voice.

But the new technology makes even more possible. Through video dating, the sense of hearing is additionally enriched by the sense of sight. While you still can’t touch the object of your desire because it’s on the other side of the camera, that too can provide erotic tension. Isn’t it a hot scenario to be in the position of the viewer who can simply watch as the escort girl of choice very slowly undresses for you, dropping more clothes step by step and revealing more and more skin?

Onlyfans – the most popular plattform for online sexwork.

In the meantime, the website Onlyfans has established itself if you want to buy or sell erotic photos or videos. Here you can create a public profile, comparable to other social platforms. Certain content that is posted can only be seen by „fans“ after they have paid for it.
All of these are ways to have sexual fun with each other despite distances. The advantage is quite clear: It doesn’t matter if the client and the escort girl are on different sides of the continent, or if a personal date can’t take place for various reasons – you still don’t have to miss out on the fun. Besides, it can be a whole new, exciting experience just to see an escort lady, be it in erotic photos or videos or live on a video date; or just to hear her voice over the phone. Online sex work is indeed a different form of eroticism, but that does not necessarily have to be a turn-off.

Online Sex Work -Intimacy and Eroticism in Interaction Despite Physical Distance.

Still, of course, there’s no denying that phone sex and video dating can’t replace real physical closeness. As exciting as a hot phone call is, it is probably not comparable to a real date with an escort lady. But online sex work doesn’t have to replace real sex, it can simply be an exciting change from classic dates. Whether digitally or in real life, the world of eroticism has a lot to offer, just waiting to be discovered by you!