Mainz – the city is known not only as the state capital, as well as the largest city of Rhineland-Palatinate, but also for its beautiful architecture, wide range of cultural activities and historical sights.

Mainz was already founded in Roman times and is located directly at the point where the Main River flows into the Rhine. Probably the most famous son of the city, after which the local university is named, is Johannes Gutenberg, who is considered the inventor of modern printing. Monuments to the Mainz personality can be found throughout the city, as well as the Gutenberg Museum, which is not only pretty to look at from the outside, but is also considered one of the oldest printing and type museums in the world.

While strolling through the city, you will surely pass Mainz Cathedral, another building that is not only a feast for the eyes from the outside. When walking through the city, the stone, which looks slightly pink in the right light, catches everyone’s eye. The building combines Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements and is a real eye-catcher, especially around Advent with Christmas lighting.

All year round, Mainz also has a lot to offer culinary. For the perfect date with her escort lady, there is a large selection of restaurants here, both for romantic candlelight dinners, as well as for an exclusive fine dining experience.
For carnival fans Mainz is a real must during the fifth season, because not without reason Mainz is considered the stronghold of the Rhenish carnival. From spectacular parades to unforgettable parties, everything is there. And with the right escort lady, in a stunning costume, the whole thing is sure to be an extraordinary experience.

If you want to have a day away from art and culture, the Rhine River offers beautiful walking and hiking routes, where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and really relax. And who knows, maybe you will find a quiet place where you can spend a few exciting and intimate moments with your escort lady from Plescort to forget the time.