Escort Tips

You are interested in the fascinating, but also very demanding job of an escort?

An escort lady is a hetaera, a trained seductress, self-confident, alluring and eloquent not only in the bedroom, but also in public. Because men who decide to book the time of an escort want something special. And for you escort dates offer the potential of interesting encounters and beautiful experiences.

The skills you should have or optimize

To become a desirable, sought-after escort, you should have an open-minded, uncomplicated personality and a sense of adventure. A positive attitude, charisma and curiosity regarding new erotic experiences is a must – because only with such a personality you‘ll be able to convey real sensuality and enjoy yourself into the bargain. Curiosity about your partner, the man with whom you will spend the next few hours or even days, the joy of making new contacts and the ability to start a conversation in a proactive way, to enchant your counterpart are very important because some men are rather reserved. A good general education and real charm help enormously.

Anyone who is outgoing and authentic without loosing themselves delights customers as an escort lady and can often establish lasting relationships. For this activity often leads to very long-term, enriching ties, even if the limits against the „official life“ of those involved are well defined.

Excellent manners, reliability, punctuality, discretion are a given, just like the ability to act independently and conscientiously.

Invest in yourself!

Consider your body and your personality your most important assets. Both are very important for the job as an escort. Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to yourself and think about your own well-being. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. A „perfect“ body thanks to cosmetic surgery is usually not necessary – your clients just want a woman who feels comfortable in her own body and therefore radiates the appropriate sensuality.

But as an escort lady you are much more than a body. Your charm and your education are definitely among the things that you should cultivate. Read books, also non-fiction books, and keep up to date with the news, because then you can carry interesting conversations and remain a fascinating partner for your clients. However, don‘t forget to practice active listening too – something men appreciate at least as much.

As a high-class escort you‘ll have to invest not only into your mind, but also in high-quality outfits, because your encounters with your clients are not limited to the bedroom. In public you have to appear as a stylish woman who can not only meet the expectations of a man, but surpass them. We are happy to advise you on the selection of appropriate clothes and accessories and help you, if you like, to arrange a photo shooting. All this has its price at the beginning, but it creates the basis for how you will be perceived later – and thus, it pays off eventually!

How to fit the escort job into your life

As an escort you are booked for hours, sometimes even days or weekends. With mutual sympathy, holiday or business trips can last more than a week or longer.

Depending on how well you like the job as an escort, you can think about taking up this activity full time. An escort lady has a lot of freedom both financially and in terms of time, and thanks to her upscale clientele, she is able to enjoy beautiful, sometimes even luxurious experiences. With the job of an escort you are independent and can shape your life according to your own ideas.

If you work, you can combine escort dates very well with an activity that is already flexible and maybe allows travel. In addition to studying or, for example, as a stewardess or tour guide, you can take up appointments as an escort lady.

How you deal with this exciting job is up to you – some escorts hide their work, while others are very self-confident and open about it. Where you want to draw the line, how much time and personality you invest, is your own decision.