All about Escort

Escort, what is it?

The word „escort service“ is another word for escort service. The escort lady accompanies the client for a certain time. So an escort lady is paid for the time she spends with her client. Meanwhile, the term „escort“ is used and understood in very different ways. For us, escort is neither just paid sex, nor just an evening companion without intimate interactions. Enjoying intimacy is a prerequisite to experience a time full of closeness, intimacy and tingling flirtations with the client. However, it is not superficially simply about sex.


So is escort prostitution?

According to the law, escort also counts as prostitution and must therefore be registered and taxed. Nevertheless, it is more than just sex. We therefore do not offer home visits or sponate very short dates. Every lady of course enjoys erotic adventures for two, yet sexual services cannot be promised or forced.


What happens on an escort date?

Each date is individual and differs depending on the client and the lady. With regard to the customer’s wishes, a suitable lady is recommended. This receives all the necessary information to be able to prepare perfectly for the date. Depending on the length of the date, the customer and the lady go to eat something and / or drink something and get to know each other, and then get closer together in the room. Both can stop the date at any time and no one has to do anything he or she doesn’t want to. Escort service as a pure companionship actually no longer exists. Without having fun with intimacy, sex and eroticism, you will hardly be able to work as an escort lady. However, both customer and escort lady can decide individually how they want to spend their time together.


What distinguishes an escort lady?

Fun in sex, eroticism and intimacy is important, but not sufficient. Education, a positive charisma, empathy, confident appearance and the appropriate wardrobe for an upscale environment, discretion, charm, flexibility and an open nature distinguish a high-class escort lady.


Why an agency?

An escort agency does a lot of work for the escort lady. It advertises on various portals, creates and maintains the website, communicates with customers, checks the seriousness of requests and does all the preliminary work that is necessary for a date to take place at all. The agency organizes dates, hotel bookings, flights, etc. The escort lady gets all the necessary information about her client and when and where she can meet him. Good agencies know the likes, dislikes, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their listed ladies. The agency tries to recommend the lady with the matching interests for each date. A perfect date means that the lady really enjoys the time with her client. Only in this way can she pass on positive feelings to the client and ensure a positive atmosphere.

As an independent escort lady, you have to manage all these tasks on your own, which means that you have to invest more time, money and work into making a date happen. Also, with currently popular sugardaddy websites, your administrative workload is a lot higher, since you have to write to potential sugardaddies yourself and organize the meetings.

If you are listed with an agency, you only have to confirm or cancel a date and can then concentrate on the meeting itself. The agency will take care of all the details and you can concentrate on the date and the client.


How do I start?

First, inform yourself and look for a suitable agency. Feel free to apply to several agencies and see which one appeals to you the most. Arrange personal meetings to be able to choose the right one. Once you have decided, follow the steps described below.


The registration

Since 1.7.2017, the Prostitute Protection Act has been in force and any kind of sexual services must be registered. You must first make an appointment at the health office for a consultation. With the certificate you receive there, you go to the Ordnungsamt. There you will get a lot of other useful information, as well as a certificate of registration of a prostitution business. This all sounds very time-consuming, but it is mandatory and can be done faster than you think.


Professional photos

Often agencies have a photographer they work with. No agency can determine where you have your photos taken. However, good photos are extremely important, because the photos are, so to speak, your figurehead and the customer gets a first impression of you. So it is worth investing in good photos