Escort Guide

If you are interested in working as an escort there are some points you should think about. Sex work is very characterized by prejudice and negative stigma and there are factors that can promote abuse of power and oppression in sex work. Furthermore, you should know the legal framework, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

However, since you can work very independently with sex work and generate very high income under certain circumstances, the activity of sex work is very attractive despite negative prejudices. Especially the work as an escort is very attractive not only among students as a sideline. In this section „Escort Guide“ various information about the activity of an escort lady is provided.

What does Escort mean?

Everyone has probably heard the term escort – and many have at least a rough idea of what an escort lady is and how an escort date goes. Here we would like to explain ourselves what we mean by „escort“.

Literally, escort means at first only accompany. However, it is now rather rare that ladies are booked as pure accompaniment, without any intimate contact. Since any kind of prostitution is usually associated with negative prejudices, the term escort is often also an attempt to avoid this stigmatization.

An escort is booked as a companion who entertains with her company throughout the evening. She must be not only attractive, but also intelligent and educated enough to make a perfect companion in public – striking, but at the same time discreet. It should not be obvious whether the pretty woman is at a man’s side, an escort or a private escort. In the same way, it can only be guessed whether there will be sexual interactions between the man and the lady.

When escort still stood for mere companionship, an escort lady could not be assumed to have sex with her clients. Women with regular lives could choose to work as escorts on the side independently and freely, without fearing the stigma and risks of prostitution. However, over time, the term escort became more and more officially associated with sexual acts.

Many different concepts now called themselves escort service or escort agency. The positive attributes associated with the term escort make it very attractive to customers and providers. If a customer is looking for the extraordinary and high quality and not only for fast and non-committal sex, he will preferentially look for an escort lady.

The attempt to stand out from all other escort agencies with additions such as High Class Escort, VIP Escort or Model Escort is only partially successful, because this is also not a clear definition. Escort agencies now exist in all forms and price categories, which makes categorization even more difficult and the differences between the agencies are increasingly difficult to recognize at first glance. An agency with a focus on long dates and prices starting at 2000 euros a night is called an escort agency just as much as a provider with a focus on hourly dates for 150 euros.

We define escort dates as an extraordinary luxury. A time out with an extraordinary woman, who is not only pretty, but educated, sensitive, carefree, sexually open and worldly. Escort of course also stands for intimacy, closeness, eroticism and sex, but the pleasurable overall package is the decisive factor.

Escort dates usually last several hours and include a visit to a restaurant and the possibility for various ventures. The willingness of the lady and the fun of the sexual are required, but not unconditionally guaranteed. To respond to the other person humanly or to get involved allows a special form of closeness and intimacy. Only if both have fun and feel comfortable, the date is successful.

The legal situation in Germany:

The new Prostitute Protection Act is not only intended to „protect“ prostitutes but also imposes a number of duties on the prostitute. These obligations must be observed or followed from 01.07.2017 in Germany. More information can be found in the section Prostitute Protection Act.