Escort Date as Duo Date

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A High Class Threesome – Duo Date with two Escorts

For most, it is clear that a date includes two people, because in our imagination intimacy necessarily goes hand in hand with togetherness. But this does not always have to be the case. Because a date in threes can also be exciting and open up new dimensions of intimacy. The threesome therefore exerts a special charm on both couples and singles. In the escort is therefore often requested the so-called duo date.


Every man dreams every now and then to share the bed not only with one, but with two escort women. This constellation is called abbreviated MFF, so one man and two women. There is of course also the reverse variant FMM, so a woman with two men. Of course, two men can also meet with a lady of their choice, for example in an exclusive hotel in Frankfurt. This can also be a completely new experience. The threesome as FFM generally occurs more often than MMF. Now it is not always easy in private life to find two harmonizing women who want to have a threesome together.  The booking of two desired ladies through an escort service simplifies the organization and guarantees that a harmonious threesome constellation is compiled.

Find suitable escorts for duo date.

For escort dates, the most common three-way version is probably the so-called „Duo Date“, where the customer books two escort ladies. Many men dream of a duo date, but often it seems just not very easy to find the right partners for it.

With the selected escort ladies you can be sure that you will be met with the highest professionalism. And furthermore, any worries about jealousy and disputes are unfounded. The management of an escort agency in Frankfurt knows the preferences and strengths of the listed ladies and will be able to recommend you the right combination for your duo date. You can discuss in advance your exact ideas and wishes for the threesome of your dreams in detail, so that it can be ensured that it will be an unforgettable duo date.



Procedure of a Duo Date.

A date with three persons is certainly an unusual situation for most at first, but you can quite confidently let yourself fall into the hands of the escort ladies. The otherwise often clearly defined roles in private partnerships or affairs are broken up by the presence of the experienced escort ladies. This creates a space in which everyone can redefine themselves a bit.

Are you curious to try a duo date? Book your duo date in Frankfurt or any other city of your choice.

The charm of an escort duo date.

The attraction is not only on the side of the customer, who may witness how two women enjoy each other, also for the high class escort ladies it can be a nice experience to share intimate hours with an equally experienced woman. Whether you just want to watch or play along yourself, you will certainly have fun!

Ideas and possibilities for a duo date.

A duo date expands the space of intimate togetherness and erotic play. Freely according to the motto „All good things come in threes“. Because for some erotic experiences it just needs a third person. You can actively live out your sexuality in a threesome or more passively. For example, in a so-called „lesbian show“.

Watch two women have sex – Escort date with „lesbian show“.

Many men are excited to watch two women kissing, licking and pampering each other with sex toys. Not for nothing there is a lot of porn on the topic „lesbian show“ With the help of a strap-on dildo two women can even penetrate each other and have sex. When watching two women licking and satisfying each other in a porn you can’t leave the role of a passive spectator. In a threesome, even as a passive observer, you still remain part of the whole erotic experience.


Passive spectator or center of attention.

In a threesome, you are also an active part of the action as a passive spectator. For example, you can give the women instructions about what they should do together. The women can also involve you actively again and again by throwing you lustful looks or visit you for a kiss or small lap dance briefly on the spectator stand, to then devote themselves again to the other escort lady on the playground. Of course, you can also fully plunge into the action to spoil both ladies and let both ladies spoil you. The individual blurs in the bustle of heated bodies that fall over each other full of passion.


The surprise threesome – a date becomes a duo date.

Especially clients, who meet often with a favorite escort lady, now and then cherish the desire to experience to see her in action with another lady. The date usually starts with a dinner for two (e.g. in a renowned restaurant in Frankfurt or in another city of your choice) and only in the hotel room another lady is added. It is especially exciting when the first lady does not know that another lady will join her later. The surprise is best achieved when the first escort lady is blindfolded and tied to the bed and the second lady then comes unnoticed into the room and starts to pamper the lady lying on the bed with kisses alternating with the client and finally also both together. But it is also just as much fun when the first lady knows about the coming visit of the second one. She can then, for example, blindfold the client before the second lady arrives and he can be pampered blindfolded by both before he enjoys the visual sight.

The duo date is an exciting extension of togetherness and just as an escort date it can be very well planned and implemented. For this you should look for a good high class escort agency that offers competent advice and organization for a duo date. Good escort agencies in Frankfurt, Cologne or other major cities can be found by searching the Internet or in escort forums.