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If you want to become gainfully employed as an escort, you will sooner or later be faced with the question of whether you want to work independently, as an independent escort, or prefer to use an agency and work with it.

This text is intended to help with such a decision. The point is not that one form is better than the other, but that the decision usually depends on the time you have available, your priorities, and your lifestyle.

While for some escort ladies their profession serves only to earn the money necessary to live and is generally seen more as a side job, for others the activity in the escort industry is both a full-time job and life fulfillment. Both are, without question, legitimate choices, but they show that not all escorts are the same and therefore there are different professional arrangements that should be tailored to the needs of the individual.

In the following, we will try to provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of working with an agency and how you can recognize a good escort agency, or which aspects speak for and against working as an independent escort. It also aims to draw attention to the importance of developing a good strategy for working as a self-employed independent escort.

In Germany, unlike in other (European) countries, sex work is not illegal in principle, which is why you can find a large number of agencies here. That the offer is extremely diverse, you can see directly when you type the terms “escort” and “agency” in the Google search bar. The difficulty is not finding an agency at all, but finding a reputable escort agency that fits your needs.

Basically, working with an agency differs from working as a self-employed escort lady in that even as a newcomer to the business, you have a contact person directly available. Agencies already have expertise in the escort industry and are available to help with any questions. Especially for someone who is considering being an escort only as a side job, this can be very helpful and supportive. For example, the agency takes care of your Internet presence and arranges booking inquiries. In addition, escort agencies usually try to convey a certain image, for example, by how they design their online presence. Again, make sure you can identify with the image so you really feel comfortable with your work. Each agency usually has a range of repeat clients, depending on how long the agency has been on the market. This can be a great advantage for you, because potential clients can see your sedcard on the agency’s site and book you through it.

Now, if someone inquires about you through your agency’s site, the agency handles both the vetting of the client and the communication with them. A good agency should give you, if a date comes about, as many tips and information for your date as possible, so that you are prepared in the best possible way and the date with the client will also be a nice experience for you.

So agencies do some of the work for you. From your web presence to preparing for dates. Of course, this is not free, but agencies do not demand a fixed monthly amount, but a commission from each successfully referred booking. As a rule, this is between 30-40% of the total fee.

The bottom line is that you pay the agency to do certain work for you, but you are not employed by the agency and therefore they have no authority to direct you. Of course, the agency can still pursue certain goals based on its image policy and establish guidelines regarding cooperation. Nevertheless, working with an agency should take place at eye level and be based on trust and appreciation. Working together should be fun and both sides should be able to rely on each other and benefit equally from the joint work.

An agency must not be primarily concerned with making quick money from you by placing you with as many clients as possible. Rather, the focus should be on bringing you together with people you feel comfortable with and with whom you can have wonderful experiences together. This is another reason why it’s very important that you choose an agency that represents your characteristics and values, and is a good overall fit for you and your personality. Just as you expect the agency to work correctly, you should also abide by agreements and rules.

Another important aspect is that an escort agency will take care of your safety. Your agency always knows when, where and with whom you are on a date. This can also be an essential point for escorts who are just entering the industry and can make them feel good.

In summary, you can definitely benefit from a good agency, for example, through its reach, online presence, the security conveyed and through its function as a contact.

If you want to work as an independent escort, you are completely on your own, as the word “independent” already reveals. The first obvious advantage is of course that you don’t have to pay a commission to an agency, but keep the whole fee for yourself. However, you also have to take on more tasks, which at the same time means that you have to invest a lot more time in your business. Without an agency, you are entirely responsible for your web presence and must ensure that you reach potential customers. You should therefore plan a part of your budget for your website and marketing. In return, you are not bound to the image of an agency, but can decide for yourself how you want to present yourself. In addition, you have the opportunity to work out a more comprehensive presentation of your person, since you do not have to adhere to the often prescribed structures of a sedcard at an escort agency. Whether you’re self-employed or working with an agency, you should think about “personal branding” and consider choosing a stage name.

As an Independent Escort you get the entire fee and do not have to pay any commission. For this, you have to take over the agency’s work and you have to decide yourself how much money you reinvest in your website, marketing or SEO management to increase your own reach and reach more customers.

In addition, as an independent escort, you are of course also responsible for screening and communication with the client. Of course, this also takes time, but in return you can freely decide how you want to arrange your dates As an independent escort, there is no other instance between you and the client that could offer you protection. Therefore, it is especially important here that you are able to define your boundaries to the customer.

In general, you have to decide for yourself how you want to structure your work as an escort and how much time and energy you can and want to put into the job. Both options offer different advantages and disadvantages. Should you decide to work with an agency, let them take the time you need to find a suitable escort agency for you. In case you decide to work independently, try to make a plan that will allow you to run your own business in a structured way.

Neither option is better or worse, but merely a matter of type, or time and life circumstances.

But no matter which path you choose, both can lead to success and satisfaction.

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