Escort for Couples

Escort for Couples

One of our specials: encounters for couples

Another exciting erotic possibility opens our offer for couples: Why not bring in another “player”? Experience completely new facets of sexuality and eroticism in your relationship by involving an attractive, experienced escort lady who will give you both tingling joint experience. This form of the threesome of woman, woman and man is called FFM. There is of course also the variant to include a man, which is then called MMF. For same-sex couples, there are of course other possible combinations, such as MMM or FFF.

Book an escort as a couple

We’ll be happy to help you get clear on what you want and plan a “party for three” where everyone gets their money’s worth – taking into account your expectations and unlived dreams, but also the no-go zones you want to keep to yourself. So even with sizzling eroticism the respect does not come too short and you risk no jealousy or disagreements! Most couples want a threesome with another woman. Since, unlike men, many women are curious to be intimate with partners of the same sex, both get their money’s worth in a FFM threesome.

Introduce yourself and your ideas and let us suggest some possible encounters – based on our experience we know several “openings” that will bring you together with the lady of your choice. But we can also plan for you individually completely according to your own ideas!

Why book an escort lady as a couple?

Let’s face it, even – or especially – if you’ve been together for a long time, the sex may still be good, but not as exciting as it was in the beginning! You just know each other too well. You know everything about your partner – or so you think.

And that’s where our escorts come in: because a trained seductress allows you to see your partner with completely new eyes. Often, in the course of a sensual evening, couples discover qualities in each other that stoke the fire of passion anew and form the prelude to a real “second spring” in bed. All the tingling impressions that used to accompany every encounter come back to life, the romance and eroticism return.

Escorts: tour guides of lust

But there is another reason why couples let an escort lady into their bedroom: Sometimes you want to explore new sexual territory together, but don’t quite know how. An escort lady is your “tour guide” in the land of unknown sexual pleasures. You don’t really know if BDSM experiences are something for you? Or whether it stimulates you to see the other with another woman? We will take you by the hand and help you already with the arrangements and preparations, so that you feel completely relaxed and safe.

Escort experiences for couples

No. 1: the luxury variant

To order an escort lady as a couple is not common. This luxury should also be enjoyed in a luxurious environment. So why not a hotel room with a king size bed and a jacuzzi? In the whirlpool you can relax three, preferably with a bottle of champagne or a good wine. A lively conversation and warm water literally break the ice quickly! After that, it’s only a matter of time before the three of you move onto the big bed in the luxurious bedroom. Here you have more than enough space to try out which combinations are possible with three lustful participants – surely an evening or night you won’t soon forget.

No. 2: Going out together

It can make for a relaxed start if the three of you first visit a restaurant, a bar, a club, an event or even a museum. Especially if you are a bit nervous and insecure, this can help you to get involved with each other better and to be able to let go better. Over time, the anticipation and sexual tension is increased more and more, until the three of you can not wait to finally get into the hotel room. With this, we give a whole new dimension to the fun of the three of us, even outside the bedroom… well, curious now?

No. 3: Experimentation is the name of the game

A third person in bed open up a whole new set of possibilities. How far you want to push them is, of course, up to you. Togetherness makes it impossible to watch the partner having sex from the outside, because in a couple no one can switch back and forth between spectator and player. In a threesome, you can have sex with your partner while watching your partner engage in sexual activity with another woman. As a couple you can have sex with each other and at the same time be spoiled by another woman. You can integrate toys and with the help of a strap- on the women can even penetrate each other. Role-playing games or BDSM elements can also be tried out well in a threesome.

Of course, these are not all possibilities for your escort experience, but only some suggestions. If you are now curious about what our escorts can do for you and your relationship, just contact us – we will be happy to clarify all your questions with you in a personal conversation.

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