Dates for Couples

One of our specials: encounters for couples

Our offer for couples offers exciting erotic opportunities: Why not add another „player“ to your intimacy? Experience completely new facets of sexuality and eroticism with an attractive, experienced escort lady, an encounter that will give you a sparkling shared experience.

We’ll be happy to help you understand your own needs and plan a „party for three“ that will get everyone involved, taking into account your expectations and unfulfilled dreams, as well as the no-go zones you want to keep to yourself. Thus even with crackling eroticism respect won‘t be lacking!

Let’s suggest some possible encounters – based on our experience, we know various „openings“ that will bring you together with the lady of your choice. But we can also plan for you individually according to your own ideas!

Erotic packages for couples

Package No. 1: The Luxury Option

If you don‘t have a king-size bed or a whirlpool at home, we can move your meeting into an exclusive hotel. Let’s relax in the whirlpool, preferably with a bottle of champagne or a good wine. Animated conversation and warm water literally help breaking the ice! After that, it’s only a matter of time until we all relocate to the big bed in the adjoining, luxurious bedroom. Here we have more than enough room to try out which combinations are possible with three enthusiastic participants – certainly an evening or a night that you won‘t forget too soon.

Package No. 2: Wellness, Sensuality and That Special Something

Another of our specials is to begin our encounter with a massage. Our escort lady relaxes and spoils you both with a massage that will leave you anything but tired! It’s best to move on to a big bed afterwards – and the evening is even more exciting if we use premises with a dance pole, to give the fun of three a whole new dimension … hm, curious?

Package No. 3: Relaxed Sex For The Young At Heart

When you are in your prime you have a more classical outlook on how to get to know each other. In that case, let us pick a good restaurant and talk to you over an excellent meal and a glass of wine. How about a well-kept wellness oasis and one or two shared sauna sessions? Here we can enjoy first touches and later on at your home or in a stylish hotel we‘ll go the whole way!

Why do couples add an escort lady?

Let’s face it, even or maybe especially when you’ve been together for a long time, sex may still be good, but not really exciting any more! You know each other too well. One knows everything about the partner – or thinks so, at least.

And that’s exactly where our escorts come in: a trained temptress allows you to see your partner with brand new eyes. In the course of a sensual evening, couples often discover qualities in the other that help rekindle the fire of passion and constitute the prelude to a veritable „second spring“ in bed. All the tingling impressions that used to accompany encounters years ago come to life again, the romance and sexiness make a comeback.

Escorts: Tour Guides of Pleasure

But there is another reason couples allow an escort lady into their bedroom: sometimes they want to explore new territory together sexually, but they do not really know how. An escort lady is your „tour guide“ in the kingdom of unknown sexual pleasures. You do not really know if BDSM experiences are for you? Or if it would stimulate you to see your husband with another woman? We take you by the hand and help you with in the arrangement and the preparations to feel completely relaxed and safe.

If you have become curious about what our escorts can do for you and your relationship, just contact us – we will be happy to discuss all your questions with you.